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Dear Guests,

Hazem HOSNYEgypt is not an isolated island. She is not a simple enclave, neither in Human Geography nor in Human History. That is why I decided Egyptian Debate to be bilingual. This is much more laborious and tiring than building a unilingual blog. Some posts and pages will normally be launched in Arabic and suffer from a time lag for their English counterparts, and vice versa. I do count on your patience and your understanding. To start, however, you can try the following issues. Activated links are already available in English. As to inactive links, they are available in Arabic but need some time to be translated into English. Welcome to Egyptian Debate !

§ New Mushroom AKA New Thinking ! (This post is now available only in Arabic. Only summary for the basic ideas embedded in this post will be available in the future.)

§ Obama Speech & Radical Reform Necessities

§ About Obama Cairo Speech

§ A Radical Reform for Egypt and the Egyptians

§  Ten Intellectual Spheres to Start the Debate

§ About the Blog (Where Come From? Where To Go?)

§ About the Author 


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